Be part of the success story.

The success foodie is an initiative born in Dubai that aims at saving all the good food from the tragic destiny of not being eaten 😱


  • Access to a range of discounted products right before they are thrown away
  • Can try food they wouldn't have before because of the price
  • Wide access to last minute meal/snack on a lazy day
  • Contribute to saving the environment while enjoying the food about to go to waste around them!


Our Idea

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  • Reducing their financial loss by accessing a platform to sell the food they were about to throw away
  • Access to a wide range of foodies around them in research for the perfect meal around them
  • Attracting a new range of customer to try their amazing food
  • Contribute to saving the environment while selling the food about to go to waste !

Since everybody is losing from this situation, we want to offer a solution to stop this.

Our idea is simple : we want to create a mobile app to allow the consumers to have a complete view of all the food about to be wasted around them. Let's change the narrative for everybody to win !

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The planet

  • By reducing food waste, we can decrease emissions from the food supply chain and mitigate the impact of climate change
  • Conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of food production
  • Decrease the demand for food production and reduce the need for deforestation

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Who are we?

Foodies - definitely, eco-warriors - in the making...

We feel it's easy to get overwhelmed in today's world with all the dos and donts to protect our planet. With The Success Foodie, we really wanted to offer an easy, win-win solution to allow the each and every foodie to contribute in their own way.

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Our story Two foodies arrived in Dubai five years ago we straight away fell in love with the city and its vibrant food scene With all its amazing different populations UAE offers an unparalleled array of flavors and cuisines that are sure to tantalize your taste buds And let s not forget about the city s famous brunch culture Dubai s brunches are legendary offering an all you can eat feast of international dishes and live entertainment BUT We were also conscious about our environment and couldn t help to wonder where does all this food goes when not consumed in time With this year being announced as the Year of Sustainability for UAE we thought it was the perfect occasion for us to participate in the national effort Today for Tomorrow
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Now that we have a plan: let's make it happen ! We need to develop the minimum viable project for our business to start running!

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Launching a business as exciting as it is, needs to be well organised. We have big dreams, extreme ambition and a lot of love for this project!

To make it happen - WE NEED YOU!

That's why we want to be totally transparent and take you with us through our plan for this amazing journey 🤩

Our Plan

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Our objective is clear. But we need to make sure that we can reach it and more importantly sustain it in time! A strong business plan is indispensable!

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Time to connect!

With our app ready, we can now start to embed our main partners for this incredible adventure


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Our last but not least step - BE KNOWN!

We want to reach out to all the foodies out there ❤️

This is marked as our last step because of the extra focus we will give to it at the end... But we truly started this long back - follow us on insta!


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Ready ?

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Keep an eye open for our launch date... Hopefully very soon!

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